DICS Consulting
The Development and implementation of software and hardware systems based on RFID-technologies: Cashless Payments Systems, Access Control for Visitors, Automation of Parking, Automation Systems of accounting for Warehouses, System of Selective Display Social Media Content.
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Cashless Payments System

the Cashless Payments System based on the principle of prepaid service. The client first makes a cash to an electronic media (for example, a card with a RFID chip), and then pay the card at the point of sale.

This option has many advantages over other forms of payment.

DICS Consulting Company offers to your attention a fully original system of cashless payments Direct.Payment. The System was created by our experts based on years of experience servicing of such systems. It takes into account the errors and omissions of other systems, greatly improved the safety and usability of the System.

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Description of Direct.Paymen System on the Company's DICS Consulting website.

Access Control for Visitors

Access Control for Visitors Systems designed for automation objects, where visitors provided the entrance fee.

We offer ticketing system two types.

The First type is a system designed for stadiums, sports complexes, theatres and other facilities, where provided tickets with seats.

The Second type is a system and intended only for access control in a certain zone. For such objects we have developed our own ticketing system, capable of working, including with electronic tickets based on RFID cards. In addition, the system based on RFID cards integrated with the System of Cashless Payments Direct.Payment

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The Automation System Parking

The Automation System Parking, is a network of RF sensors mounted in the surface Parking spaces. At the overlap of the probe car system registers the occupation of Parking spaces. This allows to calculate the time of Parking, cost accounting, free Parking places. the

The system is based on automation of Parking is a wireless technology that does not require wiring to connect sensors to a power source and wiring to transmit information.

The System is ideally suited for use in closed Parking lots, and to apply it on the outer Parking areas through the use of magnetic and infrared methods the discovery, which makes it insensitive to the vagaries of the weather.

See here:

Description of the Automation System Parking on the Company's DICS Consulting website.

System Accounting Automation Warehouse

The Automation System of Accounting Warehouse based RFID tags on the product packaging. The label recorded any information about the product, the expiration of the time of receipt at the warehouse, and more. Thus, at any time, you can get information about actually being at the warehouse the product and control the movement of goods outside the warehouse. Currently being developed positioning module product whose introduction into operation in the on-line to determine the actual location of goods in the warehouse.

System of Selective Display Social Media Content

Designed for cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets, equipped with monitors for broadcast content, including advertising, in the premises of the institution. Visitor sending a message in a social network with a specific hash tag can immediately see your message on the TV in the cafe. This improves the interest of visitors to the monitors, and, consequently, increases the efficiency (and cost) advertising content broadcast in this institution.