Implemented projects
For almost twenty years of business, the Group of companies DICS has become a big international company with offices in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Russia.
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S .S. Prokofiev International Airport Donetsk


International Airport Donetsk — airport class A — built for Euro–2012. The terminal capacity of 3,100 passengers per hour, the length of runway 4 km.

Implemented system

The DICS Company has implemented the following systems for the airport:

  • Airport Management System, consisting of such modules as
    • local passenger check-in system,
    • terminals for General use,
    • information exchange,
    • aviation billing,
    • the resource management system of the airport,
    • display system flight information,
    • system of tracking Luggage,
    • informational kiosks.
  • Structured Cabling System, providing the system terminal copper and optical communication lines with more than 2000 ports in 27 switching spaces. The system is based on hardware R&M, Schroff.
  • Local Area Network, based on the equipment Cisco Systems, providing reliable data transmission for all information systems and airport security systems.
  • Wireless LAN 802.11 n, with 120 access points, providing wireless Internet access to visitors of the terminal and the wireless protected access airport staff to internal systems. The system is based on the equipment Cisco Systems.
  • Highly Reliable and redundant Center Data processing that provide computing resources (servers) and data storage system for most information systems of the airport, made on the basis of equipment Fujitsu, NetApp, APC.
  • Internal IP Telephony based on the equipment Cisco systems which allow calls within the airport and access to the city telephone network.
  • System for managing media content and internal TV, providing output service information, information about flights, advertising, TV channels and other multimedia information on an information the airport monitors. Built using the equipment of Cisco Systems. Has about 200 media screens.
  • CCTV, providing persistent surveillance throughout the airport, and allows you to trace the route to a specific individual from the entrance to the exit. The system includes more than 500 cameras and 6 jobs operators with a video wall. The system is based on manufacturers Axis, Milestone.
  • Access Control System, operating more than 5 hundred doors providing access control of personnel, visitors or objects in controlled areas (rooms) airport.

Security & communications

  • Alarm System
  • System trunking service
  • Public System GSM
  • Master Clock System
  • Warning System.
  • And Power Supply Systems.

Embedded information systems and safety systems of the new terminal built using the latest equipment and meet international standards in the field of information technology.

The Complex IT systems can effectively manage the entire infrastructure of the airport and to ensure the physical and information security of objects and persons on the territory of the airport.

All systems provide flexible mutual integration between each other. Central tools systems allow expansion without changing the architecture of the building systems.