Implemented projects
For almost twenty years of business, the Group of companies DICS has become a big international company with offices in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Latvia and Russia.
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Educational Institutions

International School "Grigorievskaya"


The School is located on the territory of 2.8 Hectares in the city centre, in a picturesque place on the Bank of the pond, away from the hustle, bustle and traffic. Working on the project, the team the best Ukrainian and foreign architects and designers, primarily, created favorable conditions for the educational process and development of children.The concept of the building is unique and has no analogues in Ukraine.The school building consists of 6 blocks in the form of books. Each block is intended for a specific age group or a specific occupation. All blocks are merged recreation areas into a single system. The spacious recreations of the sixth block are places for relaxation. For students to GIS in its territory is a sports area with playgrounds for football, volleyball and basketball; all sites are equipped with sunshades. For preschool children there is a separate sports playgrounds.

Implemented system

The Company DICS were designed and implemented the following systems:

  • Structured Cabling Systemthat provide physical access to the facility infrastructure;
  • High-performance Local Area Network, built on the basis equipment Cisco Systems, providers of transportation infrastructure for all services of the school;
  • Data Center based on manufacturers HP, EMC, APC, provides computing resources and storage systems for infrastructure software and engineering systems;
  • Infrastructure Software - based Microsoft to deploy enterprise services;
  • Wi-Fi using the equipment of Cisco Systems that provides access to a school network and Internet access for students and employees;
  • Control System of media content based on the equipment of Samsung, which provides the output necessary information on the electronic visualization tools (monitors);
  • IP telephony, offering a gateway into the telephone network of General use. The system is based on the equipment Cisco Systems;
  • Interactive equipment for classes — interactive whiteboards, projectors and projection screens, interactive tables, laptops for teachers, telepresence;
  • Cashless System Direct.Payment our own design that provides control and monitoring of purchases of pupils, the imposition of restrictions on the purchase of individual products, the introduction of bonus programs, etc.

System ensure the physical and fire safety, electrical power systems

  • Video Surveillance System;
  • Access Control System;
  • Fire Alarm System;
  • System Fire Extinguishing;
  • System Dispatch;
  • Internal and External Supply;
  • Llighting System;
  • Power Supply of Technological Equipment;
  • Grounding System and Lightning Protection.