DICS Group of Companies not only cooperates with the world's leading hardware vendors and software providers, but also is recognized as a reliable partner for many of them. DICS has the status of Cisco Premier Partner, R&M Gold Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, and many others, confirming the professional competence of the employees and stability of service quality.
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Acer is among the ten world leaders in the supply of personal computers, the development of innovative, easy to use information technology. Founded in 1976, Acer Group is the largest company of Taiwan in this area. The company's income in 2003 was $4.9 billion 7800 employees are supporting dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries.


Alcatel-Lucent supplies solution for mobile, fixed and corporate communications, including digital switching equipment, equipment and solutions for mobile networks GSM 900/1800, CDMA-450/800, LTE, equipment optical networks SDH/DWDM/ASON, intelligent optical cross-connect, radio communication systems, data transmission equipment to build a modern, converged networks, IP/MPLS, broadband access equipment xDSL, GPON, FTTB, multiservice access nodes (MSAN), a platform of intellectual services (IPTV, Blackberry) , network delivery content, contact centers, corporate PBX/IP PBX, unified communications equipment


APC by Schneider Electric is a global leader in the industry solutions for power supply and conditioning critical systems, providing the industry's best equipment, software and engineering systems for data centers, industrial facilities, offices and domestic applications. The objective of APS is to be useful to customers by improving the manageability, availability and performance of information and communication systems through rapid development and dissemination of innovative solutions to real user problems. Among global partners APS — Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, Norte, Intel, NEC, Fujitsu, Gateway, Sun, Tivoli, Computer Associates, Cabletron, Novell and Micron.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Networks is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the area of access to corporate networks to mobile enterprises. Architecture Aruba MOVE integrates wired infrastructure and wireless access into a single unified solution for network access employees of Central office, businessmen during business trips, remote workers and guests. Unified network access can dramatically increase productivity and reduce capital and operating costs.

Avaya Inc

The world leader in the contact-centers sector, IP-telephony, specializes in design, development, deployment and administration of corporate networks for a wide range of companies — from small companies and non-commercial funds to large corporations and government agencies.


Avigilon, founded in 2004, designs and manufactures advanced video surveillance systems high definition, allowing to obtain the best evidence. Thanks to excellent quality of images the industry's best software HD Network Video Management and megapixel cameras raise the surveillance to a new level. Using open source components are efficient, scalable and cost-effective surveillance system for clients. All software and hardware is designed and manufactured in Canada. You can be sure that the Avigilon produces high-quality and most reliable products in the video surveillance market.

Axis Communications

Axis is the world leader in network video and is at the forefront of the transition from analog to digital video surveillance, contributing to the development of intelligent technologies and strengthening security in the world. Axis offers solutions for professional network video products and ideas, which are based on innovative, open technology platforms.


Internet security software company for home and corporate users, that takes leading position in anti-virus area. The Bitdefender products include anti-virus, anti-spyware capabilities against internet security threats, web protection, antispam, firewall, a vulnerability scanner, parental controls, file encryption, device antitheft.

Bosch Security Systems

A company specializing in systems and security components, such as: Video Surveillance (CCTV), Access control systems, Security systems, Fire alarm systems, Voice and Evacuation warning systems, etc.

Cisco Systems Inc

International Corporation that manufactures networking and communications equipment, developing technologies and services. Cisco bring together people, devices, and computer networks and allow people to receive and impart information, regardless of place, time and used computer systems. In the company's product portfolio, among other things, it can be noted networking, video conferencing systems for conference calls and collaboration, equipment for voice and unified communications, firewalls and physical security, and servers unified computing system.

Dell Inc

Dell is an American Corporation, one of the largest companies in the field of computers. Dell develops, manufactures, sells and services a wide range of models of personal computers (desktops, laptops, PDAs), servers, storage devices, networking equipment and other hardware.

Dorma Holding GmbH + Сo. KG

The company DORMA is the trusted global partner that provides top-class solutions and services in the area of the input solutions and access control. Having traditions for over 100 years, DORMA as a family-owned company that has evolved in terms of profitability in the world market leader in governance doors, fittings for glasses and mobile walls as well as accessories for them. In the automation segment door systems the company is also among the world's elite.

Eaton Corporation

World leader in production of equipment for protection, control and power distribution. Product line Eaton Power Quality is a modern system for ensuring quality power supply from a single supplier, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), surge protectors, devices for load distribution (PDU), remote monitoring, network adapters, sensors, enclosures, and software and additional services.

EMC2 Corporation

The EMC2 Corporation, a world leader on the market of products, services and solutions for information storage and management. They set the standards in the field of data storage for all known computing platforms and solutions we provide storage for more than two thirds of the most important information in the world.


Epson is a world leader in the field of creation of innovative products for image acquisition. Epson offers a compact, reliable, friendly to the environment technology embodied in a wide variety of devices — from printers and 3LCD projectors for home and office up to electronic and crystal devices.

Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a us company founded in 1996 to promote technologically advanced Ethernet solutions and development of standard Ethernet. The company produces high-performance products for switching and routing networks for data centers, network core/periphery network for wired and wireless LAN, and unified supervision and administration of the network infrastructure. Famous solutions include products for deploying software defined networks (SDN), cloud and Wi-Fi networks of high density, for the concept of BYOD (bring your own device owned by the employees, for business), enterprise mobile solutions, systems for access control based on identity and security solutions.


Fortinet is an innovative company and a leading provider of unified threat management (UTM), which are used by large enterprises and service providers to improve security and reduce overall operating expenses. Solutions Fortinet created "from scratch" and include multiple layers of protection, including firewall, anti-virus tool, the mechanism of protection against penetration, VPN, protection from spyware and unwanted mail. They allow customers to protect themselves from many individual and blended threats. The Fortinet solution built on specialized circuits ASIC, have a unified interface and provide advanced security with scaling from the underlying funds in remote offices to hull solutions with integrated management and reporting.


Fujitsu is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions in the region, which includes Europe, middle East, Africa and India. The company is able to meet the needs of customers: large corporations, small and medium business and private users. Strategic activity Fujitsu is developing a dynamic infrastructure, the company offers a wide range of IT products, solutions and services, from client workstations to solutions for data centers and services to manage IT infrastructures.


Hitachi Data Systems is a reliable provider offering complete solutions for data storage for the most demanding companies — both large and small. Hardware and software products HDS are the basis for decisions from the category of Application Optimized Storage, providing dynamic tiered storage, unified management, data protection, and archiving — they enable organizations to achieve consistency between the data storage infrastructure and individual business requirements. International scientific and engineering departments of Hitachi Data Systems create solutions for data storage based on industry-leading technologies. The efficiency, availability and scalability of these solutions provides customers with maximum return on investment and minimizes risk.


Huawei Technologies is the world leader in telecommunications solutions. All operators are our customers, we strive to establish long-term partnerships. Thanks to his energetic staff and a higher level of scientific research we are able to promptly respond to customers' needs and provide them with products, solutions and services, custom designed to their specific requirements.

Hewlett Packard

HP is a leading global supplier of products, solutions and services for corporate customers and end users in the market of high technologies. Wide range of offerings includes HP solutions for IT infrastructure, personal computers and access devices to networks, systems, print and digital image processing, and the provision of services anywhere in the world. HP is one of the world's leading suppliers of computing Internet- and Intranet- solutions, services; communication and measuring devices. Hewlett-Packard manufactures a wide range of peripheral devices, storage media and backup information. Servers on Intel platform standard architectures, RISC and also solutions, network equipment, personal computers and laptops from Hewlett-Packard are sold in more than 100 countries.


IBM — global Corporation, one of the oldest in the market of information technologies. IBM offers a wide range of software, applications, operating systems for all types of computers, allowing our clients to gain maximum benefits from the use of new technologies of the era of e-business. Today, IBM offers a full range of solutions for mobile computing, combining power, portability, technological innovation and accessibility. A wide range of peripherals, rich in configuration options and the ability to consistently increasing computing resources make laptop computers IBM ThinkPad a good choice for any user.

Juniper Networks Inc

International company, a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. specializes in the development of high-speed solutions for streaming data to higher-level network solutions. Juniper Networks is developing a new transparent solutions for IP-based unified modular architecture, a single operating system and a single sequence of versions. This strategy allows you to deliver high performance, reliability and safety. Integrated solutions Juniper Networks to help solve problems for networks of any size, from individual devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud service providers.


Lenovo manufactures innovative, developed at a high technical level personal computers and mobile Internet devices. The business model of Lenovo is built on innovation, operational efficiency, deep strategic planning and strategy execution. Since Lenovo Group acquired previously owned IBM PC unit, the company continues to develop, produce and bring to market reliable, high-quality, safe and easy to use products for the corporate segment, as well as provide professional services to customers from all over the world.


LG Electronics Inc. is a recognized leader in the production of IT solutions. The main activities of the company include the production and sale of:

  • LCD and plasma TVs
  • Wide range of audio and video equipment;
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Wide range of home appliances
  • Wide range of IT products, such as monitors, laptops, components;
  • Aair conditioning and air filtration;
  • Development of energy-saving products, such as solar panel
  • Development of products for business - tracking systems and industrial monitors.


A company that provides its Customers with a range of software, hardware and IT services. Microsoft solutions include operating systems, server and end-user applications, cloud solutions, developer tools, hardware (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Kinect, Surface, etc.).


In a short time the company became the second in Europe and fourth in the world in the market of network cameras. MOBOTIX is not the first year producing only megapixel cameras and is the market leader of high-resolution video systems.


The main value of NetApp solutions — flexibility and ease of use. Presents the NetApp unified architecture for data storage is a unified platform for major network environments, in which users receive the industry's broadest range of functionality and scalability. NetApp solutions users can acquire new capabilities and to optimize the work, without abandoning your investment and retaining existing tools and procedures.

Palo Alto Networks

Security platform natively brings together all key network security, including the protection of advanced threats, firewall, IDS/IPS and URL filtering. Because these functions are natively integrated into the platform and share important information between the relevant disciplines, we guarantee better security than traditional firewalls, UTMS, or point products security threats. With our platform, organizations can safely enable the use of all applications, maintain complete visibility and control, confidently pursue new initiatives, such as programs of the cloud and mobility, and protect the organization from cyber attacks — known and unknown.


The company's slogan Panasonic — ideas for life — involves the creation of conceptual ideas about how to improve the lives of people, how to make her more comfortable, secure, rich and interesting. The company is implementing their ideas in the production of goods of the widest range of audio and video electronics, information and communication equipment, home appliances and accessories — all that constantly improves the quality of life. Furthermore, as one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, the company strives to contribute to the formation of the world community and conservation ecology of the planet.


Pelco by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design and manufacture of a full range of modern equipment and surveillance systems used in security systems and in the systems technology TV of various levels of complexity. PELCO appeared on the CCTV market in the late 70-ies. The incredible rise of the brand and worldwide recognition came in the 80s, after a major transformation, which affected the overall culture of back end operations and customer relations. PELCO has become an annual prize-winner at international exhibitions, and in 1992, recognized as a world leader in CCTV. Today, the company has 4500 dealers in more than 130 countries, and the number of equipped objects — more than 400 000!


Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (the Netherlands) is an international company operating in the industry of "health and welfare" and focused on improving people's lives through timely innovations. As a world leader in healthcare, consumer lifestyle and lighting, Philips integrates technologies and design solutions focused on people. The needs of consumers and the principle of "sense and simplicity" are the basis of all company developments.

Reichle & De-Massari AG

Today R&M products are in demand in several market segments. The first is the construction of structured cable networks (all that is concerned with the organization of high-speed cable infrastructure). In this segment the company's main clients are system integrators, design and installation companies operating in the market of cable systems for businesses and offices. The second segment was the market of networks and operators. R&M company has a unique technology, providing for high-speed access to network resources of the enterprise at any level with the highest degree of security. Today, the company also successfully operates in the segment of specialized solutions for industrial enterprises in the segment of residential buildings. The main components of the strategy of R&M — offer high quality solutions, correct merchandising (sales only through certified partners of the company) and continuous improvement of existing services.


Samsung is a world leader in the production of semiconductors and consumer electronics, the largest manufacturer of full range of electronic equipment — from the PDP to personal laser printers. In Ukraine increased demand Samsung monitors, printers, laptops, hard drives for computers and much more.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a major French engineering company providing design and manufacture of equipment in the field of energy management, and integrated energy-efficient solutions for energy and infrastructure, industrial, civil and housing construction, data centers.


ViewSonic is one of the world's leading suppliers of display devices such as monitors, information displays, projectors. The company is constantly working to expand its product line, while remaining faithful to the chosen strategy of development of means of information display. A distinctive feature of the company's business remains the willingness and ability to market new products before competitors. Unlike many of them, ViewSonic focused exclusively on the business of display media, allowing it to focus its resources. In addition, ViewSonic considers a priority on maintaining strong, trusting relationships with business partners. The company's comprehensive product aimed at professionals in the field of business, education and training, as well as Internet and entertainment industry.

VM Ware

VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the data center. VMware helps organizations of any size to reduce capital and operating expenses, ensure business continuity, increase the level of security and data protection. With revenue of $ 1.9 billion. for 2008, the number of customers in excess of 150,000 and a number of more than 22,000 partners, VMware is one of the fastest growing publicly traded companies-software developers.


XEROX is a leading manufacturer of digital printing equipment: for personal users to high-tech equipment for professional printing. XEROX offers solutions that increase the profitability of business customers worldwide. Products for XEROX office is color and monochrome multifunction devices, printers and copiers. Also XEROX offers software for the optimization of production processes: the creation of data centers, translation of contracts in the format of the digital archive, etc. XEROX is one of the world's largest producers of paper and consumables for office equipment.