IT Systems
The complex of systems is used to create a reliable IT infrastructure for data transmitting, sto­rage and processing, for providing multimedia services on base of integral transport platform.
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Structured Cabling System

is a physical infrastructure for data transmission on base of copper and fiber cables. Cable ports meant for connection of inner IT services, staff and guests to data network. Structured cabling system is a physical base for IT systems building and transmission of any traffic type (data, voice, and video).

System of Service Carriers

represents a physical base for laying of cable systems. Metallic cable lays, corrugated pipes, plastic and metallic ducts, decorative cable-channels are used as carriers, which are held to the ceiling or walls, and enable compact cable placement, providing its organization and protection from occasional damage.

Local Area Network

is a multiservice transport platform for high-speed and reliable data, video and voice transmission. LAN provides safety work for network users, interaction between IT systems, connection to inner informational resources and Internet access.

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

provides wireless access of user devices to a local access network. System provides Wi-Fi coverage of indoor facilities and surrounding area with possi­bility of clients' movement around the whole hotel territory without connection losses. The system provides connection to the network of technological equipment (storages, factories and airports).

IP Telephony System and Contact-Centre

provides digital IP telephony services, access to the city public switched telephone network and possibility of intellectual service of clients calls. Besides traditional telephone calls, there is a possibility to make video-calls and combine different calls in a single conference.

Videoconferencing System

is intended for making video-calls and combine multiple participants in a single conference. High quality of audio and video enables creation of presence effect of distant interlocutors at one negotiation table, to simplify business process and reduce the quantity of business trips.

Informational Security System

reliably protects information, and hardware and software infrastructure from internal and external attacks, monitoring and analysis of network operations in real time mode, with providing safe remote access to inside resources.

Uninterruptible Power Supply System

provides stable operation of equipment in case of outside power network failure. Engineering equipment is connected to UPS, which task is protection from overvoltage, maintaining the efficiency of devices until the operation of power network normalizes, switching on backup power system or correct finishing devices operation.

Data Center Engineering Infrastructure

is intended for providing microclimatic and electromechanical conditions which are required for proper functioning of data center equipment. System provides possibility of locating equipment in switching desks and cabinets, local spreading of power supply, organized laying of cables in desks, guarantee compliance of temperature parameters and air humidity according to the equipment exploitation rules.

Infrastructure Software

is a basis for corporate information systems and business applications. It improves their reliability, availability and security. Software package allows to create private cloud with integration and moving some or all the services to the public clouds.

Digital Signage and Content Management System

provides media information delivery to TV panels and video walls, placed in public areas. The system is used for advertisement translation, announcements, informational and entertaining messages. The management of panels, formation and allocation of media content is centralized.

Indoor TV

provides translation of TV channels inside the LAN. The system receives satellite, on-air or IPTV channels, performs their transcoding and broadcasting. Integration with digital Signage system makes it possible to use existing TV panels for both systems.

Conference room system

represents an infrastructure, which allows running various types of events from business meeting to entertainment. The system includes equipment for speech amplification, simultaneous translation, TV panels, projectors and projection screens, and equipment for remote management of conference room devices (projectors, screens, lighting, etc.).

Informational Kiosks

represent a hardware terminals with touch screen display, meant for giving reference or advertising information to clients. Informational kiosks let the clients get necessary information by themselves, without asking staff.

Interactive Whiteboards

are necessary during the presentations, meetings and educative actions. This device allows the reporter interaction with the board, writing on it with the help of special markers or fingers. Integration with the Videoconferencing system allows showing an interactive presentation to both local and remote listeners.

Electronic Queue System

is used for optimization of management of visitor's streams and increasing the quality of service. The system allows organizing a priority service for special client groups and providing statistic, accounting of work and operators' load. Informational screen of the Electronic queue system also can be used for advertisement translation.

Printing Management System

is intended for centralized control of all printing, copying and scanning processes. Access to the devices is permitted only to authorized users, in order to avoid acquisition of confidential documents to the wrong hands. The system enables you to record and monitor print related costs of the enterprise.

Master Clock System

provides precise time synchronization of all connected systems. Also it is the source of precise time for all object systems. Both analog and digital (LCD or LED) clock types can be used

Indoor GSM System

is used to provide better coverage of mobile operators inside buildings and in the crowded places. The system supports such technologies as GSM/DCS/UMTS(WCDMA)/LTE.

Trunking Communication System

is made for mobile VHF-radio connection between organization staff. It is possible to use mobile, fixed and car terminals. The system provides a possibility of making individual and group calls, an integration with IP Telephony system and encryption of calls.

Parking Automation System

is used for automatic control over the parking entrance/exit gates, keeping records of car movements and duration of its presence on the parking territory, monitoring of free parking places and drivers' informing about their location. Possible variants of paying for service are manual to the opera­tor or via the payment terminal.

Public Address System

provides seamless translation of music, advertisements and informational messages in the public areas. It is possible to have simultaneous translation of different messages in different areas. Usually the system is integrated with Emergency Sound System.

Signalization for disabled people

provides setting of special call buttons in WC rooms, lift cabins and other places, where an emergency help can be required for disabled people.

Building Management and Automation System

is responsible for operations of the whole building life sustenance systems. The system is integrated with HVAC, Physical and Fire Safety Systems and provides a possibility of distant manual equipment switch on/off, by predefined schedule or exact event.