Physical Security Systems
Complex systems is designed to provide physical and fire safety of people and property located on the territory of the object.
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Closed-Circuit TV System

is used for video surveillance and recording of any visible activities inside the building and in the adjacent territory. Information can be stored for chosen period of time. Camera settings are made with overlap of 5% of zones in horizontal and vertical planes. It provides support of object plans, administration functions and video wall management.

Access Control System

is used for making an authorized access to the object rooms and access differentiation by movement zones. Centralized management system allows tracking of all opening/closing events, monitoring of current state, and control and management with the help of graphic schemes of the object.

Fire Alarm System

is used for timely detection of the fire thread at early stages, taking necessary evacuation measures, calling to fire rescue units, formation of management signals for fire protection and disconnection of all engineering systems in the building.

Burglar Alarm System

is used for detection of unauthorized penetration to the object territory or to certain premises through blocked areas, and for further notification about the accident to centralized security panel for reaction of security units.

Gas Monitoring System

is intended for measuring of gas level in places of possible appearance of combustible and toxic gases steams, for making warning emergency signalization to operator about reaching thresholds, and realization of automatic protection programs.

Fire Extinguishing system

(automatic gas, powder and water sprinkler systems, kitchen extinguishing systems) is intended for fire localization during the time needed for enactment of operative forces or its liquidation. The type of extinguishing system and substance is chosen depending on the type of protected buildings.

Pumping Station of Automatic Fire Extinguishing System

provides the water supply to the water sprinkler and the necessary water pressure in the system. Pump station operations are carried out automatically as a reaction to the signal of the pressure decrease in the system.

Fire Extinguishing System of Technological Equipment

is intended to eliminate fire in switching rooms and data centers, and other areas with different set of personal electronic equipment. When triggered, there is no equipment damage and it keeps working after an accident.

Fire Extinguishing Automation and Management System

is designed to centrally manage complex fire extinguishing systems, prompt fire detection and automatic response to the incidents..

Smoke Exhausting System

provides removal of smoke and supply of clean air into the rooms in case of the fire beginning. In this way, consequences are made, necessary for providing safety evacuation from the building.

Constructions coating with fire-retardant materials

provides coating of highly inflammable materials and constructions with special fire-retardant paints and preservative liquids. Such materials decrease a probability of fire origination and spread, as well as increase the level of fire safety in general.

Emergency Sound System

is intended for sound and voice signaling about emergency and organized evacuation. The system has possibility of emergency messages transmission in automatic and manual mode.

Early Emergency Detection System

is aimed for detection of emergency situation threat appearing, and informing staff about it. The system provides continuous monitoring and allows prediction of nature or anthropogenic emergency appearing.

Emergency Telephony System

is intended for providing voice communications and transmission of voice mails between key points of building in case of emergency. The system provides connection with security posts, technological services, security services and medical help, etc.