Power Supply Systems
Complex of power supply systems is intended for the connection to the city electrical network, organizing reliable and safe operation of low-current systems, providing uninter­ruptible operation of engineering equipment in case of external power network failure.
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Medium-Voltage Network

is an electrical equipment of power lines and transforming substations. Provides stands for electricity receiving, voltage stabilization and further energy distribution.

External Power Supply

is intended for transportation of electricity from power supply station to the receiver. The system consists of cable-distributive devices and cable lines (power tracks) 0.4 kV.

Internal Power Supply

is used for selling event tickets and season tickets at the cashier desks, via Internet, mobile payment terminals, smartphones, and other different ways. Integration with CRM systems provides the flexibility to influence the sales conditions.

Outdoor Lighting

is intended for general artificial lighting of the object territory, architecture backlight of building. The system consists of lighting equipment, lighting distribution cabinets, power cable. Two directions of outdoor lighting are provided: lighting of roads and lighting of residential districts, buildings, etc.

Indoor Lighting

The system is intended for providing general uniform artificial lighting of the object. Creation of appropriate lighting consists of huge complex of work, like choosing lighting devices, defining their location, taking into account the impact of light on people in different types of rooms.

Guaranteed Power Supply

Diesel generator is intended for standalone power supply of the object by means of power generation with the internal-combustion engine in case of external power network failure.

Grounding and Lightning Protection

gives reliable protection from direct lightning strikes, its secondary aftereffects, bringing of high potentials outside the building via metal structures and for human protection from dangerous current rushes.

PV System

is intended for using alternative source of electric power — conversion of sun power into electric power with the help of PV effect.