Business Center and Financial Institutions Systems
The physical and information security dominates in business and financial sector, as well as customer service. That is why in such institutions a unique IT infrastructure should be created to run the security services, reduce risk and improve business processes.
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The complex of security and reliability

The need for implementation of information systems become obvious with the development of information technology along with traditional approaches to physical security, such as recording of violations and unauthorized access, burglar alarm, ensuring the safety of ICT infrastructure. Special systems are implemented to prevent owner from loss of confidential information (DLP).

The introduction of new generation security systems allows the owner to carry out deep analysis of sent and received data, provides detection and prevention of internal and external intrusions, implements an approach of protection throughout the continuum of attack: before, during and after. Analysis allows creation of the most accurate picture of an accident to prevent similar events in the future.

Print Management system with authorization prior to printing can be used to prevent information leakage through paper-based system.

The need to ensure high availability of services entails compulsory measures for building fault-tolerant, redundant sites of Data Center (DC) with the required level of reliability. Each of these areas must have means of fault tolerance, self-testing, monitoring and uptime. The modern practice of using private or public cloud allows you to accelerate time, necessary to launch new products and services, which minimizes operating costs and enhances return on investment.

Informational Security System

reliably protects information, hardware and software infrastructure from internal and external attacks, provides monitoring and analysis of network operations in real-time mode, with providing safe remote access to inside resources.

Printing Management System

is used for organization of central control and management of all printing and scanning processes. The system allows to keep records of all printed and scanned documents, control actions of certain users by means of authorized access.

Services for clients

Reliability, high quality and speed of service are the main factors for selecting an institution by client. The proper organization of the branches and offices with electronic queue technology solves this problem. After registration, the visitor can view the advertisements or special offers on the TV screen in a quiet waiting service. In case of emergency, the system shows informational messages about evacuation routes and procedures to be carried out.

Terminals of self-service, installed in the reception and waiting areas, will reduce the cost of office personnel maintaining. Customers also receive a user-friendly interface interaction to solve small problems or for quick reference.

Informational Kiosks

provide visitors with self-dependent receiving of information about institution activities, operating schedule, legislative regulation, documents filling advices, etc. Kiosks have an original design with vandal resistance.

Electronic Queue System

is used for optimization of visitor's streams management and increasing the quality of service. The system allows to organize the priority service for special client groups, saving statistic, records of work and load of operators. Informational screen of the Electronic queue system also can be used for advertisement translation.

Services for staff

For various meetings and other business events, you must have conference rooms with the appropriate multimedia equipment. Telepresence systems provide the possibility of remote meetings with branches or partners that will significantly reduce travel costs.

Videoconferencing System

is intended for making video-calls and combination of multiple participants in a single conference. High quality of audio and video allows creation of “presence effect” for distant interlocutors at one negotiation table, to simplify business process and reduce the quantity of business trips.

Conference Room Equipment

consists of telepresence equipment, interactive whiteboards, sound systems (including fixed and mobile microphones), simultaneous translation equipment and TV screens for meetings of any scope, conferences and presentations.