Hotel Systems
The current pace of development of the hotel industry impose the highest demands on automated control systems of the hospitality industry. Increasing of customer needs with each passing day and tough competition require from the hotel the ability to quickly respond to any changes in market trends.
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Hotel management

Centralized property management system is the basic infrastructure of hotel management automation. The system covers all functions of the guest reception and booking over the Internet, performs intellectual calculations to optimize profits. Comprehensive implementation of intelligent systems for the management and control of warehouses and inventories will effectively allocate resources of hotel operator.

Hotel Management System

is a complex of modules for effective management of hotel property. It in­clu­des billing modules and tariffs, room booking and guests accommodation, making timetables and tasks for staff, analysis of room fond fullness, booking of conference halls, negotiation rooms, etc., and also an analytic module.

Only service!

Providing high quality service to maximize the guests' needs is one of the most important goals of each hotel. Wireless broadband access to the global network should be available in every possible guest location in the hotel: room, conference room, lobby, SPA center, bar, restaurant. The presence of modern interactive TV system and broadcast world channels in the room is a requirement for any high-standard hotels. The hotel strives to create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation for every client, so that sound system allows you to broadcast music in all the areas of the hotel such as the lobby, SPA, restaurants. When integrated with a system of emergency alert, in case of emergency, the system is used to transmit urgent voice messages and effectively manage the flow of evacuation.

Hotel TV and Video on Demand

consists of digital TV receivers, and decoding and TV channels retranslation equipment. Each room is equipped with modern TV panel. Video on demand service is received from service providers with DRM protection, and billing is performed via PMS hotel management system.

Public Address System

is intended for translation of background music in recreation zones, like lobby, SPA complex, bars and restaurants. In case of emergency, announcements about evacuation and necessary actions can be translated through this system.

Only business!

Long time ago, a hotel has become not only a place for rest, but also a venue for various business meetings, seminars, courses, and so on. The presence in the hotel of such events gives it a competitive advantage over other locations. Equipment for video conferencing in special negotiations rooms allows you to create the effect of telepresence to all meeting participants and run it with better results. Availability of simultaneous translation equipment allows holding of international conferences with a large number of foreign speakers. Projection and interactive equipment increases the positive effects of the courses and seminars.

Videoconferencing System

is intended for making video-calls and combination of multiple participants in a single conference. High quality of audio and video allows creation of “presence effect” for distant interlocutors at one negotiation table, to simplify business process and reduce the quantity of business trips.

Conference Room Equipment

consists of telepresence equipment, interactive whiteboards, sound systems (including fixed and mobile microphones), simultaneous translation equipment and TV screens for meetings of any scope, conferences and presentations.