Residental Complex Systems
Modern houses currently represent a complex system of large number of engineering solutions and technological equipment. To surround yourself and your family with comfort and safety, it is necessary to establish the most autonomous and efficient coordination of all technical systems.
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Comfort is based on the ease of management of all engineering systems by an intuitive interface. Each apartment of complex has its own "smart" infrastructure, control light, sound, heat, and other multimedia device, that has to be automated. Intelligent parking provides individual space to the apartment owner and lowers protective arrangements in advance when you just arrived to the complex. Payment for utility services is reduced to visiting WEB-pages of apartment complex and to using a single account. It is possible to organize the use of third-party services such as taxi, dry cleaning, restaurant, car wash, to ensure the principle of a single window. Services can be ordered on the WEB-portal of the residential complex or through the concierge.

Service WEB-Portal

is an aggregation center, individual for each resident. It provides billing information and information about provided services for their following payment.


Security is achieved through the work of security alarm systems, video surveillance, fire safety systems and accident monitoring engineering systems. The apartment complex relates to objects with restricted access, so the introduction of a unified access system based on RFID will allow tenants to access the required areas of the complex. Integration of access cards with cashless payment system will allow payment in the shopping areas of the complex just passing with goods through special gates.

Access Control System

is used for making an authorized access to the object rooms and access differentiation by movement zones. Centralized management system allows tracking of all opening/closing events, monitoring of current state, and control and management with the help of graphic schemes of the object.


Apartment control system can significantly save resources to owners using coordinated work of engineering systems. There will be no such situations, when air conditioners work on cooling and radiators on heating in the same room simultaneously. After owners leave an apartment all heated floors will automatically go into power-saving mode. All this will significantly reduce overall operating costs.

Smart House

The system is made for automation of engineering processes inside the apartment and its management with the help of convenient graphic interface. In addition, there is a possibility of programming necessary events (i. e. switching-on heating 30 minutes before coming home or switchover to energy-saving mode when leaving the apartment).