Shopping Center Systems
Existence of IT-based intellectual systems has become a mandatory requirement when building sports facilities. Such systems allow to manage the effective operation of the whole sports complex and to create the most attractive conditions for visitors.
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Multimedia is around

Modern technologies of media facades design allows using of part of the complex as a great promotional plane with high amount of viewers. In addition, media facades can be used as a decorative ornament of the complex outer part, and different variations of colors, graphics and lighting effects will attract the attention of even the most ordinary passerby.

Interactive displays navigation with touch screens, which are located within the complex, will strengthen the positive impression of visitors. Using these stands, the buyer is able to quickly obtain information about its stores, discounts and promotional offers, as well as a general map view of shopping complex, and to determine the shortest path to the selected store.

Digital signage and video walls, located in the public areas, are designed to display advertisements and entertainment information. The system allows collection of statistics on the duration and repeat of advertising movies, automatic calculation of advertising prices, basic functions of analysis, including the calculation of the active display time, etc. Automatic calculation of the number of visitors to the shopping mall as a whole and its individual areas, as well as the definition of sex and age groups of visitors allows management to get statistics of shopping mall attendance, to form a clear picture of the visitors' interests and to organize the work of the staff.

Media Facades System

provides graphic information displaying on the external parts of complex and can consist of LED or plasma panels, projection and lighting equipment. In addition, this system can be used as a part of architectural lighting of the building.

Information Kiosks and Interactive Navigation

provide direct interaction with visitor with the help of questionanswer algorithm. Kiosks and navigation panels are made for helping shopping center visitors to satisfy their searching, informational and navigation needs.

Digital Signage and Content Management System

provides media information delivery to TV panels and video walls, placed in public areas. The system is used for advertisement translation, announcements, informational and entertaining messages. The management of panels, formation and allocation of media content is centralized.

Customer-oriented services

Modern technology of wireless communications offer new opportunities to provide unique services to visitors. Using Wi-Fi coverage, the system can track the movement of customers through the mall, to give them contextual advertising, information about products, which are near them at the moment, to inform about the various promotions and loyalty programs, and so on.

Availability of convenient parking is by far one of the main requirements of the visitors. Use of modern technology can significantly reduce the duration of place search in the parking lot. Information board at the entrance provides information about the number of empty places on each floor of multi-level parking, and dynamically changing boards indicate the route to the free parking spaces. The system also leads the overall statistics of congestion and parking, and performs billing of the services provided.

Mobile Content Spreading System

consists of specialized beacons, which follow the location of visitor. Software on visitors' smartphones use location data for inside navigation, giving a context information about actions, loyalty programs, sales trends and special offers.

Parking Automation System

consists of sensors, barriers, ticket terminals, informational screens and pointers. All systems elements together allow minimization of time for parking place search, keeping records and service billing.