Specialized Engineering System
For each object, DICS Company develops individual approach, which aims to meet the needs of a particular customer. In general terms, the solution consists of complex systems shaped and supplemented specifically to each object.
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Sports Facilities Systems

Modern infrastructure of sports facilities ensures the best conditions for events of all levels, from national competitions to events of global importance. Multi-purpose sports arenas and stadiums are positioned not only for sports events, but also as a concert and exhibition venues, venues for conferences, seminars and other cultural programs.

Airport Systems

In today's world, there is a steady increase in the number of passengers and cargo. Implementation of innovative ICT and engineering solutions can significantly improve the efficiency of business processes and reduce operational costs while increasing throughput and maintaining security.

Hotel Systems

The current pace of development of the hotel industry impose the highest demands on automated control systems of the hospitality industry. Increasing of customer needs with each passing day and tough competition require from the hotel the ability to quickly respond to any changes in market trends.

Shopping Center Systems

Existence of IT-based intellectual systems has become a mandatory requirement when building sports facilities. Such systems allow to manage the effective operation of the whole sports complex and to create the most attractive conditions for visitors.

Residental Complex Systems

Modern houses currently represent a complex system of large number of engineering solutions and technological equipment. To surround yourself and your family with comfort and safety, it is necessary to establish the most autonomous and efficient coordination of all technical systems.

Business Center and Financial Institutions Systems

The physical and information security dominates in business and financial sector, as well as customer service. That is why in such institutions a unique IT infrastructure should be created to run the security services, reduce risk and improve business processes.