Sports Facilities Systems
Modern infrastructure of sports facilities ensures the best conditions for events of all levels, from national competitions to events of global importance. Multi-purpose sports arenas and stadiums are positioned not only for sports events, but also as a concert and exhibition venues, venues for conferences, seminars and other cultural programs.
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Secure stadium

The concept of security is fundamental in the construction of crowded places. Specialized video surveillance and access control systems should be carried out with all the features of the object.

Video cameras should provide the fullest possible picture of what is happening in public places, especially in the arena, with the fixation of all incidents and have sufficient resolution to determine who the offenders were, followed by the setting them into the black list and forbidding them access to the next event. History of recording from video cameras must be stored for at least 30 calendar days.

The feature of access control system is the necessity to implement the prompt regulations of filling arenas and implementation of preventive measures to prevent unauthorized passage. The system must perform authentication of tickets, respond to unauthorized activity, such as the second pass or an attempt to enter the incorrect zone, and so on. Stringent requirements are putted to the access control system for reliability and fault tolerance in order to avoid the bandwidth reducing.

The overall concept is complemented with the stadium fire safety systems, which include a variety of fire extinguishing systems (water, powder, gas) systems, smoke exhausting system and prevention of the fire spread. These systems should be regularly tested and certified to ensure maximum safety conditions for the guests in case of fire.

Intelligent system of accreditation for service personnel and members of the media on the basis of RFID tags performs object zoning for the purpose of distinguishing the access points of various staff categories. The use of RFID minimizes the possibility of accreditation forgery in order to gain access to restricted areas of the object.

Management Center of Stadium's Systems and Technologies

is a unified management center of all stadium systems. The center consolidates information about systems state, making an intellectual analysis and providing an effective management during the event.

Access Control System
for Audience

provides filling of audience places during the event according to association standards, with checking of tickets authenticity and with reaction on unauthorized actions (double entrances, duplicates, etc.).

Hospitality Services

Attendance of the sports arena and the average guests' bill (the total amount of profit derived from sales of goods and services, divided by the number of guests at the event) are directly dependent on the quality of service in retail outlets, as well as the attractiveness and availability of other arena entertainment services.

Centralized management of all points of sale, assortment, prices, loyalty programs and promotions in real-time without stopping the arena sales allow your manager getting information about the interests of customers to adjust the sale during the event and, as a result, increase the average check of the buyer and get extra income. A bunch with cashless payment system will minimize service time for each customer and significantly reduce the risks associated with "human factor" and financial irregularities.

Ticket Sales System

is used for selling event tickets and season tickets at the cashier desks, via Internet, mobile payment terminals, smartphones, and other different ways. Integration with CRM systems provides the flexibility to influence the sales conditions.

Point-of-Sales Management

allows effective management of all points of sales in real-time mode, con­nect special propositions and loyalty programs in centralized way, keep records of realized products and get online analytics.

Cashless Payment System

is a convenient and fast way of paying in case of big quantity of visitors and service time shortage. This system provides full financial clarity, absence of cash payments and, as a result, absence of disturbance and human influence at the points of sales.

Media complex

Media translations of sporting events of national and global scale requires a modern infrastructure of the sports arena for high-quality and colorful event coverage.

The lighting system must provide illumination of the whole arena with minimum value of 2200 Lux, smoothing shadows from static and dynamic objects for TV broadcast in the Full HD format.

The presence of internal hardware and passive cable infrastructure for TV coverage allows connection and control of TV cameras, processing signals from them, record and output of the resulting video to the outside world.

Sound accompaniment of events is also an important part of the media infrastructure of sports facility. Location of sound systems elements should allow sound traveling to the spectator stands and various under-tribune promenades, and protecting from its interfering with the event participants. Coefficient of speech intelligibility should be maximized.

Sound system in conjunction with Public Address and Evacuation management systems is one of the main security systems in case of emergency.

Multimedia graphic screens (video boards, banner lines and TV panels) are designed to complement the impressions of the event by broadcasting of entertainment and advertising of content between, before and after the event. Video replays of interesting moments and situations, analysis of moments using graphics and so on allow strengthening of the WOW-effect of events and sports arena as a whole.

Video-Board and Advertising Banners

are used to demonstrate different content during the event. Advertising and entertaining content is demonstrated before the beginning of the event and during the breaks, while technological information is shown during the event (score, time, interesting moments, etc.).

Arena Sound

is intended for broadcasting of voice messages, musical compositions and emergency announcements to the whole stadium (audience tribunes, promenades, under tribune zones).

Arena Lighting

provides uniform arena illumination during the event for the best color transmission in at least HD format. Also it provides an emergency lighting in case of emergency.

Passive TV Broadcasting

is made for providing broadcast of specialized video and audio signals between commutation boxes for connection of TV equipment and central cross.

Background Noise Forming System

is intended to form the initial sound signals in the sporting events at different points of the arena and the formation of background noise signal for accredited television broadcasters.

TV Broadcast Providing System

is used for recording and life broadcasting of events, which are held in the sport arena. System equipment provides TV cameras connection and management, signals processing, recording and producing of formed video stream via external links.

Commentator Workplaces Equipment

is intended for technical support of journalists and commentators work, during TV and radio broadcast from the arena. It provides commentators workplaces with stationary and temporary furniture, local cable paths at the workplaces.